Tunes We Do:

Always on the Run (Kravitz) 
Anytime of Night (Roper) 
Before You ‘Cuse Me (Clapton) 
Black Crow (Cobb) 
Cannonball Shuffle (Ford) 
(Nobody Here but Us) Chickens (Asleep at the Wheel) 
Couldn’t Stand the Weather (SRV) 
Crossroads (Cream) 
Don’t Stop (Jonny Lang) 
Don't Cut Off Your Hair (Benoit) 
Double Whammy (Mack) 
Downtown (Benoit) 
Dyin’ Man (Broussard) 
Express Yourself (Wright) 
Flyin' to the Island (Sub Fives) 
Further On Up the Road (Clapton) 
Goin’ Down (King) 
Good Day for the Blues (Storyville) 
Grace’s Amazing Hands (Barnes) 
Gravity (Mayer) 
Grits ain't Groceries (Milton) 
Higher Ground (Wonder) 
Hindsight (Schofield) 
Home (Broussard) 
Hurricane’s Eye (Roper) 
I Don't Need No Doctor (Mayer) 

Inch Deep (Griffin)  
Jessica (Allman Bros)  
Key to The Highway (Clapton)  
Labor of Love (Cray)  
Lateral Climb (Ford)  
Life by the Drop (SRV)  
Look at Little Sister (SRV)  
Never Going Back to Memphis (Copeland)  
Nice and Warm (Benoit)  
Parchman Farm (Winter)  
People Get Ready (Mayfield)  
Pride and Joy (SRV)  
Real Estate Blues (Palmer)  
Ride ‘Til I’m Satisfied (Trout)  
Send It In (Allison)  
Serve Somebody (Dylan)  
Shelter Me (Benoit)  
Strike Your Light (Vintage Trouble)  
The Heat ()  
These Blues are All Mine (Benoit)  
Too Rolling Stoned (Trower)  
Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)  
When the Walls Come Down (Gomes)  
Who Stole My Radio (Copeland)  
Worried Life Blues (Ford)  
Worry (Traditional)  
Yellow Moon (Neville)