WBs5... Who Are We?

Waylen Blue and the Sub Fives is a powerful band of seasoned players serving up nothing but the very finest Blues, Roots, Soul, and Swing rock.

The guys have been gigging individually for decades, working everything from the chitlun circuit in the Southland to Chicago funk bands, Metal to Motown, from coast to coast. A couple even wound up in the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, the Mid-America Music Hall of fame, and others. And though they crossed paths from time to time, it wasn't until a few short years ago they realized their shared passion for blues and B-sides. Waylen Blue and the Sub Fives was born.

The boys proceeded to craft their very own colorful and fiery mix of originals and covers. WBs5 hand-picks old vintage treasures as well as new soul, blues, funk and roots, seeking out not necessarily the best known, but rather the best of the very best: Shamekia Copeland, Eric Clapton, Freddie King, SRV, Louis Jordan, Anthony Gomes, Robert Cray, Tab Benoit and Jesse Roper, to name a few.  Not a cover band by any stretch, the boys find new angles in the tunes and make them their very own. The band’s passion for quality blues is absolutely contagious, and the powerful dual-guitar-driven sound has the crowd coming back for more, saying,“Where y'all playin’ next?”

We would love to fill your place with the great blues and rock that our friends and following come to hear.  Give us a shout - Let's get acquainted!


Waylen Blue and 3 out of 4 of the the Sub Fives

Waylen Blue and 3 out of 4 of the the Sub Fives